Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snowy Toes and Frozen Hands

It's been a while. I've been insanely busy since I got back to school. I'm still busy now, in fact, but I finally thought of something to write about. The weather is always crazy here, but winter in Ithaca is seemingly endless. It could be warm one day (and by "warm" I mean 33 degrees), then drop back down to 10 degrees the next. The snow comes randomly and in varying amounts. But there are good things. In fact, if you're going to live somewhere cold and snowy, Ithaca is a pretty nice place to long as you remember your coat, hat, and gloves.

Things That Make Winter (in Ithaca) Worth It
  1. The view of Bebe Lake from the Triphammer footbridge: I keep meaning to take pictures, but I keep forgetting to, since I'm only over there when walking to/from class. It's absolutely the point where people make out on the bridge, even though it's 3am and 25 degrees outside. There are giant icicles hanging down, the frozen lake is coated in snow, surrounded by white trees, and you get to watch the water come crashing out from below the snowy surface...breathtaking. Ithaca really is gorges (sorry, had to say it).
  2. Trees: It's actually pretty rare that you see the trees at the perfect time, before the snow has fallen off of them. But walking back at 3am, the trees were so beautiful, I nearly forgot how tired I was. Unfortunately, I was too tired to dig around in my bag for my camera. I regret that now.
  3. Interesting snow sculptures: People make normal things -- igloos, snowmen -- but also some pretty interesting/phallic ones (the picture to the right is as-seen from my friend's window).
  4. Getting to drink tons of hot chocolate: I have a whole tub of hot chocolate mix in my room, as well as mini marshmallows and whipped cream. Makes my day yummy.
  5. Warm, cozy boots: I got a pair of super snuggly snow boots. However, the thing about this one is that way too many people decide that, because it's cold, they're going to wear their Uggs everywhere. But Uggs + snow = very ruined Uggs. It's uggly (though I find them pretty ugly to begin with). And aren't those things like $200? A tad costly to be worth ruining, in my opinion. Plus, I can't imagine they're very effective at keeping you warm when they're soaking wet. But anyway, Ugg rant over. Next item.
  6. Skiing: I went skiing for my second time (but my first real time because the last time was in 8th grade, and I didn't get a lesson so it was just awkward) a little over a week ago, and it was so so fun. Even my friends, who spent 2/3 of the time falling, had That occasional day of sun: Even when it's freezing cold outside, waking up in the morning and having sun pour through the windows is the best. Everything sparkles, you remember that the big gray thing above is actually blue, clouds can be's lovely. And the fact that it's so rare actually makes it even better when it does happen.
  7. Tray sledding: Presumably, this (stealing a tray from a dining hall and sledding down the hills on it) would be most Cornellians' favorite part about the winter, but due to my unfortunate frostbite accident, which is partially attributable to tray sledding, I'm a little afraid of it. Hopefully I'll enjoy it more in the future.
It's practically March (4 hours until), which is an absolutely crazy thought. February flew by. I've been so busy, I can't even remember all of the things that have happened. In just a few weeks, we have spring break, and once we get back from that, it will technically be spring. So we'll see how spring-like April actually is.


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