Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Awesometastic Stuff

I was meaning to post last week, but honestly I haven't done very much lately (ahh break), so I haven't had much to write about. I have, however, done a ton of shopping...I have no idea how I'm going to bring it all back with me. Most of the things I bought were clothes, but I also got a couple other awesome things for my room. There are lots of awesome things out there, and I wish I could buy all of them, but I don't exactly have that kind of money to waste. So here are the awesometastic things I have or wish I had. :)

Awesome/Awesomely Random Things I Own or Wish I Owned

  1. Tim Burton figurines: I got these at the Tim Burton exhibit at stainMoMA (which was awesome!). They came in 3-packs, and 2/3 were holiday gifts, so I consider that justifiable And my dorm needs some…spicing up. It’s pretty bland. So now I have…STAIN BOY! Tim Burton is a genius. Plus, the pamphlet from the museum exhibit opens up to a poster of Tim Burton drawings, so now I have a new wall decoration as well!
  2. WALL-E figures: Equally wonderful are my new WALL-E and EVE toys. While Andi is quite disheartened at their inability to hold hands easily, they are quite cute. I was intending to only get the WALL-E one…but my dad got the EVE one. My dad likes toys far more than I do. But this time, that worked to my benefit.
  3. Microbe plushie: Andi got me a stuffed sperm and egg for spermHanukkah. My sister gave me a very weird look when I showed them to her, but they’re awesome.There are also other microbes, like flu, mono, etc, at ThinkGeek (which has a zillion other awesome but often overpriced things).
  4. Aloe plant: My aloe plant hasn’t grown up yet…it’s still a fewdino little sprouts. Or at least it was when I left. But maybe when I get back it’ll be bigger. Either way, aloe plants clean the air and look cool and stuff.
  5. Dino vegetarian shirt: Bought this last weekend at Forever 21 (Andi found it, so credit goes to her). No explanation needed.
  6. Mini robo vacuum: And now I get into the things I wish I had. It cleans up little crumbs and stuff! Perfect for OCD me. And it’s so cute. :)
  7. Ice Invaders Ice Cube Tray: Because who invadersdoesn’t want little aliens invading their drinks? Unfortunately, a large ice tray would take up more than my half of the freezer.
  8. Crazy Aaron’s magnetic putty: It’s like my other awesome putties, but MAGNETIC! Metal stuff sticks to it! I am too easily amused.
  9. Mike Wazowski mug: I wanted to buy this at Disneyworld, but IMG_1394my luggage was too overstuffed, so I wouldn’t have been able to get it back easily. *sigh* There are also tons of other awesome mugs there, like the bottom half of Mickey. In general, if I could buy out the Disney store, I would…Mickey hand jar opener, ice cube tray, Mickey feet slippers (another thing I would have bought if I could transport them)…

I could probably find a hundred more random things, but you get the picture. There are lots of awesome things out there. Some of them are worth owning, others not so much. But that’s okay. :)


Jamie said...

Love the mug!! The autistic boy I watch used to watch that movie at least once a day. I love it!

Natanya said...

Haha, awesome. I love that movie too! :)

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